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There are multiple artists named Rope: 1) a trio from Poland/Chicago; 2) an act from Berlin, Germany formed in 1996; 3) a band from Brighton, UK; 4) an electronic ambient act from North England, UK; 5) a band from Brooklyn, NY formed in 2007. 6) Grime/Bass producer from Bristol, UK. 7) British post-punk band. 8) Black/Death Metal/Crust from Québec.

1) Rope is an electro-acoustic trio comprised of Przemyslaw Chris Drazek on guitar and trumpet, Robert Iwanik on electric bass and vocals, and Michael Kendrick on drums. Drazek and Iwanik were originally in a band called Krzycz but left after a few releases and a tour because they were bored with the material: noise rock/sludge. In 1998, the duo then formed Rope in their small village in Poland and later recorded an EP, Fever, in Warsaw. Influenced by bands on Amphetamine Reptile and Touch & Go, the band began playing splintered post-hardcore, but soon shifted to more drone-based, psychedelic material reminiscent of Swans, Current 93, or Nick Cave. In 2000, they sold everything they owned and moved to Chicago to be part of the city's thriving experimental scene. Rope acquired drummer Mike Kendrick, began touring, and wrote material for a new album. The EP 'Fever' then saw it's American release on Family Vineyard in 2002, as did their two LPs 'Widow's First Dawn' and 'Heresy, And Then Nothing But Tears'.
Rope disbanded in 2007. Drazek and Kendrick now perform in the Chicago-based Mako Sica. Iwanik is in Alchimia of Seattle.

2) Rope is an act from Berlin, Germany, started by jayrope (Air Cushion Finish / Television Workshop) on no-computer live electronics/guitar, Rob Cummings on drums/looping, Michael Lenke on uprite bass and Malcolm Arison on harmonica in 1996 in Berlin.
The band turned from sparse experimental folk to instrumental post-rock, with sidestreams of noise, dub, ambient & post electronica. They initially released two albums, "Rope Hotel" 1998 and "It's no fun to compute" 2000. Rope at the time was compared to Tortoise & Suicide as well as the music of Andrew Weatherall, Howlin Wolf and remotely digital hardcore.
Album #3, titled "A bientot runs on light", was started by Anton Maiof of Geisha/Bristol and jayrope just recently and is yet unreleased. Here Rope collaborate also with vocalists Neil Carlill (Vedette/UK), Eduardo Lalo Padilla (Molloy and his bike/MEX/also guitar), Lee Thompson (Pipher/CAN) & Vaka Lee (MEX).
In may 2009 original drummer Nico Lippolis and jayrope started playing live again, resulting in a 9-track bootleg called "An die toten Mädchen", available on - For more details, reviews, tour dates etc. please go to or

3) Rope is a band from Brighton, UK, playing music in the style of Swans, Brainbombs. Includes members of Cat on Form and End the Agony amongst others.

4) Rope is the brainchild of Autoclav1.1’s Tony Young and Rhys Hughes (Modulate live, ded.pixel, Teletraan.), from North England, UK. Fusing ambient and soundtrack textures with early dance music sensibilities, harking back to the early days of Autechre, Frontside, Aphex Twin, Orbital and Boards of Canada.

5) Rope is a band from Brooklyn, NY, USA, active since 2007. After years of searching and experimenting, Josh Clark, the founder of Rope, has finally found the band he's been looking for! As co-owner of The Seaside Lounge Recording Studio (Brooklyn, NY) and as a multi-instrumentalist, Clark has recorded an album's worth of material primarily on his own, but with valuable input from many of the bands he's produced such as Antietam and Federale. Pulling from this same network of friends and colleagues, he has put together Rope's current line up with John Stendrini and Jesse Cohen (both of Federale) on guitar and bass respectively, Zachary Cale on guitar, and Aaron Gemmill on drums. Together they deliver tuneful melodies over monumental riffs. Rope's debut single “Montagne” will be available through All Hands Electric in early 2010.


7) Rope are a post-punk band from the UK which features ex members of the band Goodtime Boys. The band released their debut LP Manteision Bodolaeth in 2016

8) Rope are a Crust band from Québec city, Québec. They have so far released two EP's, MMXIII (2013) and Burden (2015) followed by two full-length albums, Marasme (2016) and Sénescence (2020).
Sam Gadreau: Bass
Math Lépine: Drums (ex-KickxAssxViolence, Sedimentum, Striver)
Jason Therrien: Guitars
Charles-Auguste Dumont-Malette: Guitars
Yannick Grenier: Vocals (ex-Unfallen) User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.