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There are a few artists with the name Eruption:

1. 'Eruption' was formed in 1974 in London by vocalist Precious Wilson, lead guitarist Greg Perrineau, bassist Morgan Perrineau, keyboardist Gerry Williams, and drummer Eric Kingsley. Wilson was born in Jamaica and she moved with her family to Great Britain at the age of seven. The other members of the band came from different parts of the Caribbean and Africa. In 1975, their winning of an RCA Soul Search Contest in England brought them a record deal and their first single "Let Me Take Your Back in Time" (1976) figured prominently in the soul charts. In 1977, Boney M.'s producer Frank Farian took Eruption under his wing and signed the group with Germany-based Hansa Records. Their 1978 cover of "I Can't Stand the Rain" was a big hit internationally, reaching number five in Britain and number 18 in the U.S. (it was their only U.S. Top 40 entry). The success was sealed with "One Way Ticket," which went to number nine in the U.K. the following year. Precious Wilson left the group in 1979 to pursue a solo career and she was replaced with Kim Davies. Eruption disbanded in the mid-'80s and Wilson is the only member of the original lineup who is still active. Though successful as a solo artist, she sometimes tours under the name Eruption with her new group.

2. ERUPTION is a Slovene Thrash metal band that unites the legacy of speed, thrash and classic metal, forming it into their own unique sound. The band was formed in late 2004. They are known for menacing riffs, hard hitting beats, soaring vocals and killer live shows!

3. Another band called "Eruption" was a German avantgarde band founded by Conrad Schnitzler. Eruption performed free-form, improvisational, experimental music, some of which resembles industrial music. A few pieces do have discernible melodies and/or strong rhythmic elements, at times resembling Conrad Schnitzler's earlier work with Tangerine Dream on their Electronic Meditation album. Eruption is notable more as an incubator for later, highly successful Krautrock/Kosmische Musik bands and for the influence the various musicians had on one another than for their releases, which came more than 35 years after the music was recorded.The self-titled album, recordeded in 1970 featured the trio of Freudigmann, Schnitzler and Wolfgang Siedel and was a limited released on the Qbico label.

4. Eruption is a UK Happy Hardcore Producer, Chris Brown. He has many releases on the United Dance Label, and has worked with other prominent producers including DJ Sy, and Force & Styles.

5. Serbian electroacoustic duo Eruption (Manja Ristić & Ivana Grahovac - violin, violoncello, electronics).
Project Eruption is based on developing the idea of creating live music trough improvisation, and using electronic music devices such as computers, cello and violin, and different kinds of percussions, instruments, and everything that could be used for sound making and processed trough software’s and analogue processors. This untypical treatment of instruments, combines polyrhythmic, polymetrical, and modal sequences, and therefore getting wide diapason of sounds, base for improvisation. Using electronic effects on acoustic instruments is making the specific dimension of sound. Eruption is active since 1997, and had numerous performances all around Europe. Eruption is also collaborating with large number of academic composers, film and theatre directors, multimedia artists, and it has been active in numerous multimedia projects: Multicultural week, Fluxion Eruption, Solo performance, Ljubljana, 1998 Festival Belef, Eruption, Belgrade, 2001 Music from East and West, Belgrade, 2001 Serbian cultural center, Budapest, 2002 Exit festival, VEXATION, Eric Satie, Novi Sad, 2006 Blink festival, O3one gallery, concert with Xploding Plastix, Oslo-Belgrade, 2006 blink ART festival, Mobile Studios, Berlin-Belgrade, 2006 Kontext galery, electronic music festival, Eruption, Belgrade, 2006 REX, Concert Eruption,Belgrade, 1999
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