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Elyse Weinberg

Back in the 1968, the California native released her self-titled debut to modest success. She appeared on Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show, in Newsweek and the L.A. Free Press, and at Shaffer Music Festival in NYC. Even Cher choose to use one of her song’s “Band of Thieves” or the soundtrack to her acting debut, the 1969 film Chastity.

However, a string of bad luck — and the fact that Cher for some reason instead credited the song to Sonny instead — led Elyse to experience only minor success in the years that followed before she drifted into seclusion and changed her name to Cori Bishop.
But then, some 30 years after the release of Elyse’s debut, Andrew Rieger of Elf Power got hold of a copy. The rest was history, per the issued press release:
Orange Twin rereleased the self-titled debut, along with two other of her songs from that era, one of which, “Houses,” features Neil Young wielding his distinctively ripping guitar sound. Since, Elyse’s story has become something of a rock legend - after the rerelease her album received massive amount of positive feedback in the press, and she was mentioned in Magnet, Time Out NY, Aquarium Drunkard, and Creative Loafing (amongst others). Perhaps the most flattering result was two extremely successful indie bands, Vetiver and Dinosaur Jr. decided to cover “Houses” (a track that features Neil Young on the guitar) in the aftermath of the release.

Now, after playing extensively in support of the re-release over the past few years, Bishop has returned to the studio to create a brand new full-length effort. It’s titled In My Own Sweet Time and will mark her first new release since the late 60's. “Scary” and “magical stuff” are ways the album is being described, but make your own judgments. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.