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There are multiple artists named Celeste.

1. Celeste is a French post-black metal/sludge/screamo band with ex-Mihai Edrisch members.

They released their first EP, Pessimiste(s) in November 2006, followed by the albums Nihiliste(s) (2008), Misanthrope(s) (2009), Morte(s) Née(s) (2010), Animale(s) (2013), Infidèle(s) (2017) and Assassine(s) (2022).

Celeste, along with Blut Aus Nord and Deathspell Omega, may be considered as one of the most important bands of the worldwide famous French avant-garde black metal scene. However Celeste's influences are so wide that this label does not do them justice. That is just for black metal. Their style is beyond regular black metal. They also incoporate (French) screamo influences (Mihai Edrisch is one of the most legendary screamo bands to come out of the French emo scene), plus sludge metal/sludgecore tendencies, post-metallism and atmospheric sludge elements, post-hardcore, breakdowns and dissonance pulled directly from the grittiest forms of metalcore... The spectrum of their sound is so difficult to define but at the same time easy to recognize by its uniqueness. One simply needs to listen to understand or at least try to.

That is why Celeste are so exorbitantly hateful and relentlessly dissonant with barely any respiring moments. The atmosphere is asphyxiating, suffocating. Some people actually feel uncomfortable and confused by what they hear. They can not comprehend what it is supposed to be. The disgust for everything human in their music is palpable. That is why there is no variety, no cleans, no trite keyboards, no acoustic guitars, why the vocals are always the same inhuman jaded shriek. The music itself can only be described as the distorted void of a black hole that tears apart everything in its path.

Their original sound was an extension of what Mihai Edrisch put forth during the mid-noughties. Even though this previous band did not play anything new or pioneered genres, their music was still unique and incomparable to any other screamo band at the time or even still today, French or otherwise. This was the basis for Celeste.

Traces of Mihai can still be heard in Celeste's debut EP, it is more melodic and melancholic than anything Celeste ever put out in subsequent years (even when compared to Assassine(s) which is supposed to be their 'tamest' and 'most accessible' record to date - most people have probably never explored this early piece of their musical puzzle) yet heavier than anything Mihai ever did. Johan's vocals became harsher, almost reaching a black metal raspy shriek but still desperate enough for screamo; it is in between both musical universes. The guitar work and riffing are still very close to Mihai, including the melancholic clean guitar melodies. Their debut album Nihiliste(s) forwent these melodic aspects and anted up the dissonance plus more black metal influences in the vocals and music itself, besides sludge metal. They do not play live using the same tuning for these two records anymore, hence these songs are absent from their current sets. Their live performances are noted for exclusively playing in complete darkness with only some red headlights providing illumination, a practice they inherited from the Mihai Edrisch period.

Might either be strange to some or actually make a lot of sense to others but Celeste themselves have denied for years that they are even black metal, adjacent or not; even going as far as saying none of the band members listen to any black metal at all and that they do not hear any black metal in their music. However, at this point in their career, that influence is undeniable: sombre tremolo picking riffing, blackened screamo/hardcore vocals, blast beats, dissonance, palm muting, glacial sludgy slowly crawling blackened heaviness and thick dense atmosphere is what Celeste is all about now. Despite this, they did never abandon their screamo roots.

Their lyrics mostly focus on the horrors many women go through in our world. This might or might not be evident to some people based on their album artwork. Rape, incest, domestic abuse, sexual objectification, inequality and infidelity are some of these themes. All of their lyrics are distinctively sung in French and Johan's accent proudly adds weight and brutality to each word that must not go unheard because this is an everyday cruel and abject reality.

They love and care about women, a lot. That is why they are simply called Celeste. It is just a common name for females. And all of their main albums contain (The debut EP is the only one not to do this although there is a song where one can hear a female voice whispering something) artwork where women are present in one way or another. Most of the artwork is disturbing as are the lyrics. Celeste viciously despise humanity and themselves for being one of them. Self-hating misanthropes and chronic pessimists who believe in nothing. They explicitly called themselves pessimists, nihilists and misanthropes with their first three records. This absurd life only makes sense with music and that is why they give meaning to their own lives and others' through their music. They purely exist out of spite towards everything human.

The only probable way to describe Celeste in words is unrelenting and utterly unhinged. Their music is very intense in nature, rarely letting up any of it although the occassional breakdown/slow section can still be scatteredly found which may give the illusion to some that all their music is samey, however, each album sounds different yet unmistakably Celestial. In addition, they were one of the first blackened screamo/blackened sludge metal bands with prominent post-influences. It would not be a bold claim to posit most subsequent blackened screamo/sludge metal bands borrowed a piece of their sound from Celeste.


*Johan Girardeau – Vocals (2005-Present), Bass (2014-Present)
*Guillaume Rieth – Guitar (2005-Present)
*Sébastion Ducotté – Guitar (2014-Present)
*Antoine Royer – Drums (2005-Present)

Past members:

*Antoine Kerbrat – Bass (2005-2014)

2. Celeste Epiphany Waite (born 5 May 1994 in Culver City, CA, United States), known mononymously as Celeste, an American–born British singer-songwriter from Saltdean, Brighton and Hove, now based in London. Her music blends British soul and jazz-tinged blues over subtle R&B melodies. In late 2019, she won both a Brit Award and a BBC Music Award and was named the number-one predicted breakthrough act of 2020 in the annual BBC 'Sound of...' poll of music critics. Since her début single in 2017, Celeste has released three EPs: The Milk & The Honey (2017), Lately (2019) and Compilation 1.1 (2019). Her long overdue début full-length, postponed in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, was finally released on 29 January 2021, entitled Not Your Muse.

3. Celeste is an Italian progressive rock band composed of Giorgio Battaglia (bass), Leonardo Lagorio (keyboards, flute), Ciro Perrino (percussion, flute, vocals) and Mario Schiavolini (guitars, violin). They published their first album, Celeste (Principe di un giorno), in 1976, before disbanding in 1977. Known for its mellotron driven music, this album is heavily recommended to fans of softer, more melodic forms of progressive rock. The band saw a resurgence in 2016 with a new lineup led by Perrino, and have released two albums since: Il Risveglio del Principe, in 2019, and Il Principe del Regno Perduto, in 2020.

4. Celeste is an up and coming band from Atlanta, Georgia. They have four members: Joel, Paul, Greg and Kenny.

5. A pianist/composer from New Guinea, and has a self-named album that was released in 2003.

6. Celeste is also a singer/songwriter from Virginia with a sound reminiscent of Carole King and Norah Jones.

7. Celeste is a Norwegian rock band from Lillestrøm. They consist of Remi Nordby on guitar/vocals, Espen Skjærlund on bass and Øystein Indrevær on drums; established in the autumn 2006. Celeste released the EP "Bring It Back EP" in April 2009.

8. Celeste is known as Malibu's Rock-Angel. Hailing from Malibu, California. U.S.A. This Alternative/Pop/Rock/R&B crossover artist has been on the scene since she was 11 years old. Now on Sell A Band to get out from label's shelving her efforts.

9. Celeste is a black metal band from Tampere, Finland. They only released one Demo in 1997 whose name is “Nature Dying …” User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.