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Born and raised in Duluth, MN Jake Birdseye has paved his way musically from the time he was young. Picking up the guitar at only 10 years old he learned by listening to cassette tapes from his dad.

Not only could he play guitar, but sing, keeping that talent hidden for years. After friends and family heard his voice, he finally started a YouTube page and began showcasing his talent for the world to see.

In 2017 he helped form a band that gained a huge local following, during that time he opened for national acts like Alabama, Parmalee, Justin Moore, Joe Nichols, and more; proving he belonged on the big stage with the best of the best!

After some soul searching, and desire for something more authentic to himself, Jake chose to part ways with the band. In the few years that followed, his dream of continuing his musical career solo, and starting a family became reality. Having made a name for himself with the band, and from years of playing in the region, he continues to have a devoted and growing fan base, as he delights crowds with both covers and original music.

His sound, style and ability to write lyrics that tell the story of love, and life in blue collar America; have been shaped by both traditional country and rock, as well as many independent country artists. From George Straight to CCR, Cody Jinks to Alan Jackson, Tom Petty to Koe Wetzel- Jakes diverse musical taste and talent make it possible for him to cover nearly any artist.