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Mary Bue

Mary Bue likes creaky clanky pianos and falling asleep playing guitar. She wants to sing to you about what she's cooking for dinner or what she dreamt about last night. Sometimes carthartic, sometimes joyous and always bittersweet, this newly transplanted minneapolitan is making a soft winter nest of music for you.

Blend the sound of Ben Folds' joyous piano pop, Carole King's earthy soul and Tori Amos' quirky, intense intimacy and you'll get an idea of what Miss Bue sounds like. In her teenage days, songs were born out of locking herself in her bedroom with notebooks and her fender squire with a hot pink strap (ask her, she still has it). Eleven years later, the twenty-five year old Bue has been the recipiant of two artist residencies in Florida, nominated for Best Local Folk Act in Providence, RI, toured nationally, led songwriting workshops and independently released two full length albums with the third to be released APRIL 7th, 2007 in Minneapolis. Her first album "Where the Monarchs Circled" (2001), was reviewed by Low's Alan Sparhawk who said "While the last ten years have seen a good handful of new piano-and-voice artists who are endlessly mimicked, Bue has a unique feel of her own in her songs." Her latest release is a mash of mary's songs and production; a bunch of wonderful musicians from Duluth and Minneapolis and a few super talented sound engineers: Eric Swanson (Sacred Heart - Duluth), Chris Mara (Nashville) and finally Mike Whitney & Tom Herbers from Third Ear Studio in Minneapolis. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.