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The Nightcrawlers

For the British house music group who recorded the song "Push the Feeling On", see Nightcrawlers.

1) The Nightcrawlers were a garage rock band from Florida. Their only hit single was "The Little Black Egg", recorded in 1965 and since covered multiple times. They appeared on the famous Nuggets box set.

2) The Nightcrawlers are also a Hip-Hop duo from Oakland, California.

3) The Nightcrawlers were also an ambient/synth music group from USA led by Peter Gulch. They were active from 1980 to 1991, releasing 3 full length albums and numerous cassettes.

4) The Nightcrawlers are also an alt-rock band based in State College, PA.

5.) (The Bio below was translated from German to English using the Google Translator program. The original German text can be found here: )

The Nightcrawlers are compiled from three Irishmen (Paul Arnold, Anton Morelli, Rob Strong) and two Germans (Rudi Braka, Markus Dassau) (Rhythm) blues rock quintet. Basis of this rather unusual constellation Rudi Brakas enthusiasm for the British Isles and the resulting long-term friendship with the musicians, especially in Arnold Brakas German band worked as a singer at times.

Arnold handed Braka 2006 a demo tape written by him and Anton Morelli pieces (first with Kevin Malone as drummer recorded). Braka dissected in domestic Mönchengladbach studio recordings, piece by piece. The drum parts were deleted and replaced with new drummer Dassau completely turned. Keyboard and saxophone elements were added.

These new arrangements then migrated back to Dublin, where Morelli revised the guitar parts and the final mix back to Braka retorted. And the end result of ten pieces together, as the album "... It's The Devil In Me" is impressive: Blues Rock the pleasant, very personable over next grade (although not, of course, decided not to be part of the usual stereotypes use), played by (obviously audible) established musicians.

Basis of the whole is definitely the good vocals by Paul Arnold, a certain vocal proximity to another well-known and much-loved Irish musician Rory Gallagher be certified, must (if he goes out sometimes from themselves, are also subtle similarities to Paul Rodgers ) noticeably. Good singers and have even in the blues / blues rock genre rather rare. A great and accomplished guitar work is a must in this line and these requirements Anton Morelli holds thanks to his 25-year continental experience was also loose.

The song material is more traditionally oriented, structured but very melodic. The pep it gets through Brakas always great, threaded-little gimmicks, such as spacey synths on "Journeyman", oblique harmony chants of "Simple Man" and jazzy sounding saxophone passages (very good guest musicians Martin Heemann) in "Little Miss Lonely Heart ".

My favorites on the album are the powerful opener and title track "... It's The Devil In Me" with his swampigen Southern flair (beautiful acoustic guitar, subtle piano-HT, E-class work) that is a little "calling card" Esprit-sprayed "fake", which is equipped with sauguten E and saxophone passages "Little Miss Lonely Heart" (the basic rhythm reminiscent of "Willie And The Hand Jive") and the two quiet, very relaxed "Simple Man" (does anyone nor Bobby Whitlock, then part of Clapton's Derek And The Dominos?) and the Arnold home district dedicated to "South Of The River Liffey" (the south of the river location, now more affluent part of Dublin), which in a kind of "On The Beach" by Chris Rea meets Sade's "Smooth Operator" relaxed right hingroovt (wonderful Strat-fills, class reunion, the saxophone playing of Heemann).

Even the die-hard flannel shirt wearer naturally get their opportunities to pouring their endorphins, the obligatory wah strumming on "Feel The Need" or the typical harp Genöle Don Baker in "Nightcrawler" is also missing in this Blues Rock Sound not (who needs it ...). This is also not just extremely innovative "Kiss My Ass" shines, at least with a catchy headline.

Commendable in any case, the key variable of Braka (as electric piano, organ, or as well-measured economical synths mostly) and by him clear blended sound. The rhythm work by Dassau and Strong is also crisp. When you consider that theoretically for any live performances even Rob Strong as a second potential singer in store (has for that is the father of former commitments singer Andrew Strong and the singing genes he has passed on, so should adequately film from the known), should be a nice conversation to be guaranteed.

"... It's The Devil In Me" by the German / Irish co The Nightcrawlers combines traditional and modern blues-rock in an entertaining and very personable manner and thus may all genre and some friends also are recommended. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.